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Automatically send new posts from subreddits and redditors.

Commands work on both Redditors and Subreddits. Redditor: u/spez Subreddit: r/askreddit Support Server

Used in 312 servers
high usage

GitHub | Uptime

Revolt's premier moderation bot.

Thanks to @Amy. for designing the logo and banner!

To enable automated spam prevention use /botctl spam_detection on. Some automatic moderation features are enabled by default - More info.

For help join the AutoMod server.

Used in 3255 servers
high usage

Global Ads uses a global chat style system to allow users to easily send any ad in any server by simply sending your ad as a message.

Type g!help to view all commands.

Support | Website | Discord Equivalent

Used in 65 servers
high usage

Send messages with a different Name, Avatar and Colour. Usage: @Masquerade Send help message @Masquerade create {name} {Display Name} Create a masquerade name;Text you want to send Send a message as {name} Support Server Source Code

Used in 266 servers
high usage

Hey there! I'm Revoltanator, your ultimate companion in the digital realm! I'm Equipped with a diverse range of skills and a witty personality that'll keep you entertained. Whether you need a dose of laughter with my corny dad jokes or to talk with AI. I have all things fun!

#### Some Features :01H4RPZ97XQ73E8M5407CWA09F: AI | You can ask AI something or just have a convo with a AI :01H4RPYP9QEZ29MBPNC48CB9HC: Minecraft tools | Find out info on a player or view someones skin :01H4RQB98BDMA02V9G7Z71GAZF: Fun | Get a random dad joke, flip a coin, roll a die, get a trivia question, or even get a random number fact!

## Invite me today! #### Vote on | Invite | Support

Used in 63 servers
medium usage

Nao - simple and cute Revolt bot for your server

I have such features as GPT, DALL-E, Starboard, Slowmode, Code Sandbox, Reminders, Markov Chain, utilities and much more!

- u can call me with nao help or .help! - @ping me to talk to a GPT-3 powered assistant! - join my support server if u have any questions!

#### be sure to join my support server and give feedback :)

Used in 243 servers
medium usage

## Join the Support Server, Bot Central! The ultimate logging Revolt bot! Stay informed with comprehensive logging for message updates, and message deletes, as well as member joins and leaves. Keep a complete record of your server's activity and changes with Logger, your reliable logging companion.

Used in 171 servers
medium usage

Create messages that will give roles when reacted to. Support Server Source Code

Used in 741 servers
low usage

Clone of BOBCAt, the best (quality is relative) moderation and utilities bot. I did not write it, the source code was made my crispy cat, he wants nothing to do with revolt tho. I can dm the source code, if you ask for it...

Prefix is t$

Used in 32 servers
low usage

Pluralkit alternative for revolt, BETA PluriPastries is a bot that tries to give plural systems a good experience here on revolt, still a work in progress, prone to crashing, but it works most of the times.

Support and news server Howdy person interested in pluriPastries.

needed permissions - Manage messages - masquerade

Used in 215 servers
low usage

1st Revolt translation bot !

> Invite the bot >

> Support server >

100% free, no premium features, no limitations.

Used in 15 servers
low usage
Used in 4 servers
low usage