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Revolt's best moderation and bridge bot! \ Thanks to [@Amy.]( for designing the logo and banner! Source code found [here]( You can find usage statistics and metrics [here]( To enable automated spam prevention: `/botctl spam_detection on`
Used in 855 servers
high usage
Get random posts from various image board sites. [danbooru](, [e621](, [gelbooru](, [rule34]( **ONLY WORKS IN NSFW CHANNELS** **Usage** * *![sources]* `Sends a post from sources` Use one or multiple of `a`, `d`, `e`, `g`, `r`. `a=all`, `d=danbooru`, `e=e621`, `g=gelbooru`, `r=rule34` ~ * *!d n* `Sends only nsfw posts.` * *!d +n* `Sends sfw and nsfw posts.` * *!d maid* `Sends a post with the maid tag.`[image](, [source]( * *!d maid cat_ears* `Sends a post with both the maid and cat_ears tags.` [image](, [source]( * *!d maid|maid_headdress cat_ears|cat_tail* `Combine tags with | to match posts with at least one of them.` [image](, [source]( * *!d maid cat_ears -1boy|1girl|solo* `Sends a post with the maid and cat_ears tags but not any of 1boy, 1girl, or solo.` [image](, [source]( ~ * *!d tags maid* `Sends tags with maid in the name.` `name`, `total` `maid`, `65390` `maid_headdress`, `61006` `maid_apron`, `17579`
Used in 6 servers
medium usage
I am a fun and hot NSFW bot. :rainbow: LGBTQ+ Friendly :rainbow: Using a safe-to-use API, I am here to please. :smile_cat: Add me to your server and try out my commands with `=help`! [My Source Code](; My profile image is an [enby]( "Original/Full")
Used in 89 servers
medium usage
Used in 2 servers
low usage
**PhotoBox** can create images and GIFs from other images such as avatars, using many popular filters and templates! ** ** [+ Add PhotoBox](/bot/01FE6KMPV60ZYTSE7TTQJ4TCCQ) -
Used in 172 servers
low usage
Made with love by Builderb <3 A multi-purpose bot with utility and image commands coming soon. [Invite Bot]( | [Revolt Server]( | [Website]( | [Discord Server]( 2
Used in 310 servers
low usage
A Revolt bot that can provide rich information from multiple sources. [+ Add BotBoy](/bot/01FE6KEHQW7C2WHN0PY55NGTBX)
Used in 140 servers
low usage
ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
Used in 241 servers
low usage
RexBot is a multipurpose Revolt bot. Search Wikipedia, the NPM registry, create/archive channels and more! :) \ You can invite the bot [here]( or by clicking the button above. Make sure to join [the support server]( and check out RexBot's [GitHub repo]( :3 \ ...while you're here, why not check out [Rexovolt]( It's a collection of Revolt-related projects created by me (Rexo), including the archival tool used by RexBot and a CLI for Revolt :eyes:
Used in 55 servers
low usage
Hello! I'm a bot for image board searching, and other fun stuff! I'm in beta, and my prefix is `e6!`. [Add me!]( (Esix, the character, is the mascot of e621 and is not owned by the bot creator.)
Used in 150 servers
low usage
s!help | General purpose bot (Levels, Economy, Anime, XKCD, Animals, 8Ball, Urban Dictionary)
Used in 197 servers
low usage
LevelUP - A level system for your Revolt server, that includes features such as a leaderboard and granting roles for certain levels Prefix `?`, help command `?help`. Prefix can be changed, mention bot for prefix [Support server invite](
Used in 84 servers
low usage
Count1ing - make a counting channel for your Revolt server. One, two, three, and so it goes. Prefix `;`, main command `;counting`, [Support server]( Prefix is changeable with `;prefix set`, mention bot for the prefix
Used in 26 servers
low usage
An osu! bot for Revolt written in [Golang]( using the [revoltgo]( library and [osu! v2 api]( Developed by <@01FENK5NYE2DS1XH8C30QCKMJP> and <@01FSZFCHERB8G21ZCEF3A2RHG1>.
Used in 26 servers
low usage
Used in 10 servers
low usage
**Repami** is a bot made for moderating and fun for servers! There are Daily added commands so keep a look out for them! **MY PREFIX** is // **BEWARE!** Repami is still in beta… meaning alot of the features are yet to come and and may be glitchy! Repami will be under maintain. Repami **will** be "Open Sourced" once it is hosted. (Please do not criticize the owner of 'trash/ass' code/style. This will only get you a blacklist on the bot.)
Used in 23 servers
low usage
Used in 26 servers
low usage
Used in 8 servers
low usage
[mrmBot]( is my personal fork of the popular discord bot esmBot, but also modified to work on Revolt instead! It's main purpose is image manipulation (think adding impact font to images, and stuff like that), but it will have a few other utility functions as well.
Used in 27 servers
low usage