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An unofficial server for all things Homestuck! The current banner is "The Furthest Ring" by Ursca on Deviantart!

90 members
medium activity
Revolt-Linux Hosting

Created by the team at, Revolt-Linux is the ultimate platform for learning Linux. With our instant container generator, you can get up and running with a full root access Linux environment in no time. Plus, you can use npm to install libraries right in chat and start coding your own revolt bots!

Website: Join URL:

499 members
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The Artist's Lounge

This server is dedicated to art

7 members
low activity
Celeste Hearts

Cute Celeste-themed pride emotes for all your identity needs. Feel free to suggest additional flags!

67 members
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An open source platform for discussing research and findings from all sub-fields of Cognitive Neuroscience. We are particularly interested in what David Poeppel and Greg Hickok have called a "new computationalist cognitive neuroscience", a modular (in the sense of Fodor) and computational (in the sense of Marr) framework firmly grounded in basic biology.

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Mario Kart Wii Community

Mario Kart Wii fanatics come together! We do anything related to Mario Kart Wii here. Mods, Online matching, memes.. All is welcome here!

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