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Automatically send new posts from subreddits and redditors. Commands work on both Redditors and Subreddits. Redditor: `u/spez` Subreddit: `r/askreddit` If no command is specified it will subscribe or unsubscribe. `r/subs` List channel subscriptions. `u/spez new` Show new posts from a redditor or subreddit. (`controversial`, `hot`, `new`, `random`, `rising`, `search`, `top`) `r/askreddit top week` Time filters work on `search` and `top` listings. (`hour`, `day`, `week`, `month`, `all`) [Support Server](
Used in 42 servers
high usage
Revolt's best moderation and bridge bot! \ Thanks to [@Amy.]( for designing the logo and banner! Source code found [here]( You can find usage statistics and metrics [here]( For help join [this server](/invite/jan). To enable automated spam prevention: `/botctl spam_detection on`. Some automatic moderation features are enabled by default - [More info](
Used in 1294 servers
high usage
Feeds is a simple bot that delivers RSS feeds right into your text channels! To get started, run "@Feeds help". [Source code]( - [Support server](/invite/jan) - [Report an issue](
Used in 56 servers
high usage
We are a 100% free and automated self hosting platform that provides Linux containers to anyone wanting to learn how to use Linux or learn skills in development. We strive on providing the best experience possible for any user starting out in the world of coding or Linux right inside of the chatroom. The platform supports multiple Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine, Alma LInux and Arch Linux, try us out today! Host your very own Revolt bot using these free resources! Always Free Base Resources: 256 MB of RAM 1.5 CPU Cores 4 GB of Storage 8 GBps Connection Submit commands right inside of Discord. 2 Open Ports for Applications Reverse Proxy for all local ports as well Main site: Support Server: Docs:
Used in 20 servers
medium usage
Bobcat is a bot for Revolt with moderation, games and internet commands, a credit system and more, written in TypeScript. Add this instance or [host your own](, and [check out Bobcat on my website!]( Avatar based on a photo by Chandler Cruttenden (@chanphoto on Unsplash)
Used in 88 servers
low usage
!m for memes
Used in 5 servers
low usage
Made with love by Builderb <3 A multi-purpose bot with utility and image commands coming soon. [Invite Bot]( | [Revolt Server]( | [Website]( | [Discord Server]( 2
Used in 352 servers
low usage
RexBot is a multipurpose Revolt bot. Search Wikipedia, the NPM registry, create/archive channels and more! :) \ You can invite the bot [here]( or by clicking the button above. Make sure to join [the support server]( and check out RexBot's [GitHub repo]( :3 \ ...while you're here, did you know that RexBot's support server (Rexovolt) is actually a collection of Revolt-related projects created by me (Rexo)? It also hosts the archival tool used by RexBot (Revchiver) and Termivolt, a CLI tool for Revolt :eyes:
Used in 68 servers
low usage