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Social Haven

For anyone who wants to discuss things from development, anime, tv shows... Or even to get help on using Ahni (Bot).

478 members
medium activity

The Support server for Revoltanator A fun/multipurpose bot! Also the home of MPPBridge!

27 members
low activity
Idiot Creature Hater Studios

Welcome to the official Idiot Creature Hater Studios revolt server. We hate Meowbahh, Lisa Gaming Roblox and other bad users in a mature way. We are the home of the Meowbahh Revolt bot. We also have Idiot Creature emojis that you can use in any server.

40 members
low activity
🌸 Kokoro | こころ Revolt 🌸

🌸🧡Revolt Version of Guilded's Big Server Kokoro, Discord Bot Fully Out! Enter the Magic House!🧡🌸

106 members
no activity

Idk random server with alot of game servers and own bot

29 members
no activity