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Revolt API
A centralized place for all Revolt API-related discussions, questions, updates, and projects (libraries, clients, etc).
139 members
low activity
The Fighter's Lounge
A place for noobs and scrupmen alike! Whether new or old, come here to hangout, talk about your favorite fighting game no matter how old (Smash Bros. counts), and find other opponents to spar with.
9 members
low activity
Revolt C#
Welcome to the revolt c# development server! This is for our library revolt sharp which you can use to interact with the revolt api and create your own bots.
13 members
low activity
KRA (Kotlin Revolt Api)
Official Revolt Server for KRA, The Kotlin Revolt API Library.
17 members
low activity
Revolt client for mobile written in React Native
98 members
low activity
13 members
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3 members
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