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The largest community-owned server for all Terrarians to chat about the beloved game itself, Terraria!

204 members
medium activity
Saiko's Lounge

A chat room simlar to a web chat room. Have fun. no racism, no bullshit.

28 members
medium activity
Olympus RP Hub

Olympus RP Hub is a generalized Roleplay Server where users can chat about the hobby, get and give advice, find RP partners, and connect with other writers should they decide to create group games of their own. Roleplayers from all walks of the hobby are invited to join, hang out, and help make this community into more of what they would like to see from the hobby as a whole.

22 members
low activity
Socialize, Hangout & Chat!

Join our community of free thinkers in a Revolt server dedicated to the principles of freedom of speech, privacy and ~anime~ open discussion. Our server is a safe space for individuals from all walks of life to come together, share their thoughts, and engage in respectful conversations.

What to expect: 1. A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for socializing and making new friends.

2. A platform for open and honest discussion on various topics, from politics and social issues to hobbies and interests.

9 members
low activity
⟳ .. Venting

> started on 10.29.23 .. this server's theme is: Echo by Crusher-P

> Welcome .. This is a comfort chat for ones who need help. We can also hangout.

71 members
low activity

A chat for those who really like foxxos :D

Also contains blobfox emojis.

493 members
low activity
Capp n' Ccino

🟢⚪Capp n' Ccino⚪🟢・📶 Servidor inovador・💬 Chats temáticos e diversos・🏆 Eventos・🐟 Peixe Alves (Deus) ・🇵🇹🇧🇷 Servidor português (PT/BR - Portugal e Brasil)

145 members
low activity
The Splatoon Lounge

A server you can chat about Splatoon. Please make sure to read the rules before going into conversation. Enjoy your stay here!

84 members
no activity
Red vs Blue Fanserver

A server dedicated to anything & everything about the 21-year-long HALO-based websites, Res vs Blue! Chat about the series, fiddle with the (helmet) radio, share a laugh or two, and maybe ponder about why we're here~

6 members
no activity