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Kokoro Beta

That one Anime/Gaming community hangout server!

27 members
low activity

i'm soafen, and this is my server! we discuss gaming, VR, Linux, iOS, Nintendo, Valve, things like that! i also make videos and streams with the community if you're interested! bridged to Discord and Matrix if you'd prefer. catgirls are clearly superior

159 members
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Weeb's Cafe

Hi. We like anime, manga, gaming and even films!

350 members
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Bot Chaos

:star_struck: Discover a Bot Wonderland: We've curated a diverse collection of bots, ranging from utility and moderation to entertainment and games. Explore them all, try their commands, and witness their unique capabilities. It's a bot extravaganza like no other!

:computer: Code, Experiment, Innovate: Are you a budding bot developer? Our server provides a creative platform to showcase your skills, receive feedback, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, share resources, and embark on exciting coding adventures together!

:video_game: Fun-Filled Bot Games: Step into our interactive bot-powered games and challenges. Engage in trivia battles, solve puzzles, or engage in simulated adventures with AI-driven bots. It's an immersive gaming experience that'll keep you entertained for hours on end!

:globe_with_meridians: A Vibrant Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for bots and technology. Our friendly and diverse community is always ready to hel

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Idiot Creature Hater Studios

Welcome to the official Idiot Creature Hater Studios revolt server. We hate Meowbahh, Lisa Gaming Roblox and other bad users in a mature way. We are the home of the Meowbahh Revolt bot. We also have Idiot Creature emojis that you can use in any server.

36 members
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