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~ p l a c e h o l d e r ~

A 18+ server for femboys, trans people and everyone else to chill and hangout.

493 members
medium activity

The (un)official server for adult fans of My Little Pony, right here on Revolt! We're an open community for people who are fans of the shows, or just fans of the fandom! Everyone over 18 is welcome to join, but please view our server rules and guidelines to get started! This is a community exclusively for people over the age of 18, so be warned that some of our channels are NSFW.

41 members
low activity
Furret Cult

just some people who like furret and want to talk about it

8 members
low activity
Roblox Lounge

Fan Server about the game named Roblox! Share whatever you like here, find new people in our channels :)

Not official neither affilitated with the Roblox Company.

169 members
low activity
the chat

this server is for people who want to chill and have fun

105 members
low activity