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Revolt's premier moderation bot.

Thanks to @Amy. for designing the logo and banner!

To enable automated spam prevention use /botctl spam_detection on. Some automatic moderation features are enabled by default - More info.

For help join the AutoMod server.

Used in 3176 servers
high usage

Pluralkit alternative for revolt, BETA PluriPastries is a bot that tries to give plural systems a good experience here on revolt, still a work in progress, prone to crashing, but it works most of the times.

Support and news server Howdy person interested in pluriPastries.

needed permissions - Manage messages - masquerade

Used in 200 servers
medium usage

## Join the Support Server, Bot Central! The ultimate logging Revolt bot! Stay informed with comprehensive logging for message updates, and message deletes, as well as member joins and leaves. Keep a complete record of your server's activity and changes with Logger, your reliable logging companion.

Used in 161 servers
low usage

Nao - simple and cute Revolt bot for your server

I have such features as GPT, DALL-E, Starboard, Slowmode, Code Sandbox, Reminders, Markov Chain, utilities and much more!

- u can call me with nao help or .help! - @ping me to talk to a GPT-3 powered assistant! - join my support server if u have any questions!

#### be sure to join my support server and give feedback :)

Used in 238 servers
low usage

Hey there! I'm Revoltanator, your ultimate companion in the digital realm! I'm Equipped with a diverse range of skills and a witty personality that'll keep you entertained. Whether you need a dose of laughter with my corny dad jokes or to talk with AI. I have all things fun!

#### Some Features :01H4RPZ97XQ73E8M5407CWA09F: AI | You can ask AI something or just have a convo with a AI :01H4RPYP9QEZ29MBPNC48CB9HC: Minecraft tools | Find out info on a player or view someones skin :01H4RQB98BDMA02V9G7Z71GAZF: Fun | Get a random dad joke, flip a coin, roll a die, get a trivia question, or even get a random number fact!

## Invite me today! #### Vote on | Invite | Support

Used in 54 servers
low usage

Clone of BOBCAt, the best (quality is relative) moderation and utilities bot. I did not write it, the source code was made my crispy cat, he wants nothing to do with revolt tho. I can dm the source code, if you ask for it...

Prefix is t$

Used in 30 servers
low usage

Play: ".r" or ".g" Let's match the numbers Revolt Bots GitHub

Used in 7 servers
low usage

1st Revolt translation bot !

> Invite the bot >

> Support server >

100% free, no premium features, no limitations.

Used in 8 servers
low usage