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Catgirl Dungeon

The gayest corner of the internet :3

Non-catgirls welcome too ❤️

6862 members
high activity

The largest community-owned server for all Terrarians to chat about the beloved game itself, Terraria!

233 members
medium activity
Snek Cult

LGBTQA+ safe space, friendly, chill server!

The cult part is a joke, we are just chaotic

1275 members
medium activity
Vimjoyer's server

Vimjoyer is a laid-back technical community focused primarily on NixOS and the associated YouTube channel.

Discord Server:

46 members
medium activity
⟳ .. Venting

> started on 10.29.23 .. this server's theme is: Echo by Crusher-P

> Welcome .. This is a comfort chat for ones who need help. We can also hangout.

82 members
low activity

A minecraft server that allows cheating. No bans. No punishment. There's only one gamemode, skywars. You can also test the anticheat!

22 members
low activity

An unofficial server for all things Homestuck! The current banner is "The Furthest Ring" by Ursca on Deviantart!

261 members
low activity
Trace's Chill Corner トレースのチルコーナー

This server is a small friendly and wholesome community, where we can have a nice chat, share moments and experiences together, chill, vibe to some music, play games and have fun.

25 members
low activity

welcome to el servidor de jennifer we also do the official revolt android app 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

433 members
low activity
Bureaucracy: The Server

Defending free speech and expression, a task that Revolt is making difficult. Regardless, our work must continue.

93 members
low activity

blendOS is an Arch based Linux Distribution, focused around allowing the user to use packages from different distributions, Android, and PWAs.

40 members
low activity
Saiko's Refuge

A chat room simlar to a web chat room. Have fun. no racism, no bullshit. We also have lore now so theorise and read it.

38 members
low activity
🌺 Kokoro | こころ Revolt 🌺

🌸🧡Revolt Version of Guilded's Big Server Kokoro, Discord Bot Fully Out! Enter the Magic House!🧡🌸

114 members
low activity

The Support server for Revoltanator A fun/multipurpose bot! Also the home of MPPBridge!

29 members
low activity
Randall Boggs fan/club

This is a server of Randall Boggs for the fans who like him. Also it is about Monsters Inc/University/At Work where you can chat about them.

10 members
no activity
ADSCRAFT Season X (PorcupineNet)

The Main chat for ADSCRAFT Season 10 and the Porcupine Network!

42 members
no activity
Celeste Hearts

Cute Celeste-themed pride emotes for all your identity needs. Feel free to suggest additional flags!

163 members
no activity
Roblox Lounge

Fan Server about the game named Roblox! Share whatever you like here, find new people in our channels :)

Not official neither affilitated with the Roblox Company.

287 members
no activity

"From the land to the sea, Palestine shall be free!" This is a server dedicated to the support of Palestine and the wish for its freedom and worldwide recognition.

30 members
no activity
Workbench Team

🇺🇸 We are the team of game content creators and servers

🇷🇺 Мы команда создателей игрового контента и серверов

276 members
no activity
Ryan Gosling Is Literally Me

Server for those who are literally Ryan Gosling. Others welcome too!

45 members
no activity

Server for the python revolt api wrapper

393 members
no activity
Revolt C#

Revolt c# development server!

This is for our library RevoltSharp which you can use to interact with the revolt api and create your own bots.

115 members
no activity

NitroMojis is a server that aims to provide Revolt users with the finest emojis to use all across Revolt. Emoji, Emote and Emotes.

1311 members
no activity

ZCHAT is the best/worst server for memes and other garbage. Nothing more, nothing less.

3 members
no activity
xandr.'s Laboratory

A server where you talk about Rust (as in the language), my projects and stuff, idk lol

8 members
no activity