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A Furry server.. For Revolt users! Forked from a Discord server, Furgatory. Get it? Purgatory, for Furries! Haha!.. I'm not funny :( BUT! I hope you have fun here, and thanks for checking us out :)

81 members
medium activity
World Three (WWW)

A Revolt Version of World Three Guilded Discord

34 members
low activity
Revolt-Linux Hosting

Created by the team at, Revolt-Linux is the ultimate platform for learning Linux. With our instant container generator, you can get up and running with a full root access Linux environment in no time. Plus, you can use npm to install libraries right in chat and start coding your own revolt bots!

Website: Join URL:

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i'm soafen, and this is my server! we discuss gaming, VR, Linux, iOS, Nintendo, Valve, things like that! i also make videos and streams with the community if you're interested! bridged to Discord and Matrix if you'd prefer. catgirls are clearly superior

200 members
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Nyan World

EN/KR | Discord <-> Revolt bridged server | Talk about development, osu!, other games, and more!

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