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Workbench Team
🇺🇸 We are the team of game content creators and servers 🇷🇺 Мы команда создателей игрового контента и серверов
42 members
high activity
105 members
medium activity
nuts emote server, and the internet fight club where you'll find pretty much anything that doesn't get us banned
420 members
medium activity
Revolt-Linux Hosting
Created by the team at, Revolt-Linux is the ultimate platform for learning Linux. With our instant container generator, you can get up and running with a full root access Linux environment in no time. Plus, you can use npm to install libraries right in chat and start coding your own revolt bots! Website: Join URL:
161 members
medium activity
NitroMojis is a server that aims to provide Revolt users with the finest emojis to use all across Revolt. Emoji, Emote and Emotes.
224 members
low activity
A community dedicated to the discussion of 3D printed guns and related topics.
286 members
low activity
BlobFox Emoji Server & Chat for those who like foxes :)
33 members
low activity
Dota 2 - CZ/SK community
Unofficial Czech & Slovak community focused on Dota 2. Česká a Slovenská (neoficiální) komunita zaměřená na hru Dota 2. Diskutuj o hře, najdi nové přátele na hraní apod.
14 members
low activity
The Life | Our Hangout Place
Chill peoples and very interesting to chat with. Cool server design and tons of very nice emotes. Lets hang and chill!
241 members
low activity
Capp n' Ccino
☕┇Um servidor PT/BR (Portugal e Brasil) para encontrar pessoas novas! Vem tomar um café! ✨
62 members
low activity
Fluxpoint Development
A community focused server for developers, gamers and anime fans that enjoy doing what we love.
280 members
low activity
Tam's Messy Lounge
This currently mainly serves as a bunker for my Discord server. If you came here from Revolt Discovery, welcome!
17 members
low activity
Femboy Lounge
Your space for all your femboy needs! (Including emotes). Everyone else is welcome as well!
98 members
low activity
RedGear Studio
RedGear Studio is a community of passionate developers who create open source tools and applications for the community. We are committed to creating high-quality software and sharing our knowledge with others.
8 members
no activity
official community surrounding soafen as a content creator
76 members
no activity
Communist Hangout
This is a communist group made for discussing politics, news form the world, marxist theory and its applications and everything that might help the proletarian liberation from the shackles of capitalism.
102 members
no activity
Loungecraft Projects
We are a Minecraft Community / and Modpack/Mod Dev Team. ***Bisect Partner*** Use Code *Loungecraft* for *25% Off* Any *Game Server* for 1 month!
20 members
no activity
Astolfo Pictures
This server has a channel to post SFW and NSFW Astolfo pictures. You can talk with others who like Astolfo.
8 members
no activity
One World
👋 Hello! We are One World, a community focused in bringing neurodivergent people together, especially people on the Autism Spectrum. Besides, we are also open to people who are not neurodivergent. 🌟 We have channels to meet new people, share interests, ask for support or resolve questions related to neurodivergent population. 🌞 🌈 We are LGBTQ friendly. 🌈 🎮 We have spaces for several communities such as gamers and adult-only channels! 🐱
28 members
no activity
La Cabaña de Vicronic
Bienvenidos a La Cabaña de Vicronic! Este es un sitio amigable en el que siempre te atenderemos dada la ocasión que sea, Siempre te respetaremos y serás bien recibido. Estaremos disponibles la gran parte del día, y prometeremos una actividad medianamente grande, te apuntas con nosotros a esta aventura? De los primeros servidores hispanohablantes de Revolt
21 members
no activity -> server
Server vanity invites for all on Revolt!
28 members
no activity
The home of ONE.
50 members
no activity
LillyTV - TV & Radio
2 members
no activity
Revolt Developers
A very cool community of developers <3
381 members
no activity
Welcome to V'Ger. - A free and (mostly) **FOSS** based online public access community service. [Vger.Cloud](https://Vger.Cloud) * BBS - ports 22 and 23 * Gopher - port 70 * Web - ports 80 and 443 * Gemini - port 1965 Fediverse: * Pleroma - [Pleroma.Cloud](https://Pleroma.Cloud) * PeerTube - [Gary.Vger.Cloud](https://Gary.Vger.Cloud) Revolt - self-hosted open community instance in Vger.Cloud *Coming soon!* Direct contact info: * Matrix - `` * XMPP - `` (Use OMEMO - I do) Rules: 1. Don't be a meany 2. No illegal, no chomo, no doxing, no gore, and adhere to the principles of civil discourse. 3.) We are [BOFH](, and kick/banhammer without prior notice - this **IS** the warning. All moderation decisions are final, arbitrary, and there is no appeal process. If you're not clear about the rules and acceptable behavior in this community, you may wish to choose another one to join instead.
14 members
no activity
7 members
no activity
Revolt client for mobile written in React Native
121 members
no activity
8 members
no activity
A custom Discord android client mod
78 members
no activity
Official Revolt Community for GIFBox
54 members
no activity