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Tam's Messy Lounge
This currently mainly serves as a bunker for my Discord server. If you came here from Revolt Discovery, welcome!
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Communist Hangout
This is a communist group made for discussing politics, news form the world, marxist theory and its applications and everything that might help the proletarian liberation from the shackles of capitalism.
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One World
👋 Hello! We are One World, a community focused in bringing neurodivergent people together, especially people on the Autism Spectrum. Besides, we are also open to people who are not neurodivergent. 🌟 We have channels to meet new people, share interests, ask for support or resolve questions related to neurodivergent population. 🌞 🌈 We are LGBTQ friendly. 🌈 🎮 We have spaces for several communities such as gamers and adult-only channels! 🐱
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Welcome to V'Ger. - A free and (mostly) **FOSS** based online public access community service. [Vger.Cloud](https://Vger.Cloud) * BBS - ports 22 and 23 * Gopher - port 70 * Web - ports 80 and 443 * Gemini - port 1965 Fediverse: * Pleroma - [Pleroma.Cloud](https://Pleroma.Cloud) * PeerTube - [Gary.Vger.Cloud](https://Gary.Vger.Cloud) Revolt - self-hosted open community instance in Vger.Cloud *Coming soon!* Direct contact info: * Matrix - `` * XMPP - `` (Use OMEMO - I do) Rules: 1. Don't be a meany 2. No illegal, no chomo, no doxing, no gore, and adhere to the principles of civil discourse. 3.) We are [BOFH](, and kick/banhammer without prior notice - this **IS** the warning. All moderation decisions are final, arbitrary, and there is no appeal process. If you're not clear about the rules and acceptable behavior in this community, you may wish to choose another one to join instead.
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