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Femboy Lounge

Your space for all your femboy needs! (Including emotes). Everyone else is welcome as well!

1931 members
high activity

For anyone who wants to discuss things from development, anime, tv shows... Or even to get help on using Ahni (Bot).

280 members
low activity
Ad Nexus

A server for all animal lovers! Share your animals, tips, and play fun games in an absolutely SFW place! Join now!

29 members
low activity

A chat for those who really like foxxos :D

Also contains blobfox emojis.

429 members
low activity
Revolt C#

Revolt c# development server!

This is for our library RevoltSharp which you can use to interact with the revolt api and create your own bots.

103 members
low activity
Chill room

Place to make Friends and be close to people if you want to be friends with each other.

14 members
low activity
The Artist's Lounge

This server is dedicated to art

7 members
low activity
Xandr's Dorm

An Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clone

4 members
no activity

An open source platform for discussing research and findings from all sub-fields of Cognitive Neuroscience. We are particularly interested in what David Poeppel and Greg Hickok have called a "new computationalist cognitive neuroscience", a modular (in the sense of Fodor) and computational (in the sense of Marr) framework firmly grounded in basic biology.

6 members
no activity
Geometry Dash

If u love geometry dash come and join this server!!!

6 members
no activity
Fluxpoint Development

A community focused server for developers, gamers and anime fans that enjoy doing what we love.

328 members
no activity
Revolted Lounge

This is not the official lounge for revolt. We don't attend issues with the client or anyhitng to do with revolt here

16 members
no activity
Bot Chaos

:star_struck: Discover a Bot Wonderland: We've curated a diverse collection of bots, ranging from utility and moderation to entertainment and games. Explore them all, try their commands, and witness their unique capabilities. It's a bot extravaganza like no other!

:computer: Code, Experiment, Innovate: Are you a budding bot developer? Our server provides a creative platform to showcase your skills, receive feedback, and collaborate with fellow enthusiasts. Exchange ideas, share resources, and embark on exciting coding adventures together!

:video_game: Fun-Filled Bot Games: Step into our interactive bot-powered games and challenges. Engage in trivia battles, solve puzzles, or engage in simulated adventures with AI-driven bots. It's an immersive gaming experience that'll keep you entertained for hours on end!

:globe_with_meridians: A Vibrant Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for bots and technology. Our friendly and diverse community is always ready to hel

43 members
no activity
Idiot Creature Hater Studios

Welcome to the official Idiot Creature Hater Studios revolt server. We hate Meowbahh, Lisa Gaming Roblox and other bad users in a mature way. We are the home of the Meowbahh Revolt bot. We also have Idiot Creature emojis that you can use in any server.

36 members
no activity
Mutant Remix Emoji

Official server for Revolt's default emoji pack. Looking for contributors!

98 members
no activity
Roblox Lounge

Fan Server about the game named Roblox! Share whatever you like here, find new people in our channels :)

Not official neither affilitated with the Roblox Company.

123 members
no activity
Alternate Worlds Entertainment

Hello and welcome to the sister server of JamesTDG's community server for Alternate Worlds Entertainment. As of right now, the server is being flighted as to determine if we should migrate to here. If things work out, this will soon become the primary server and I might enlist some help to bring in some sort of tool for cross-platform communications.

15 members
no activity
Nyan World

EN/KR | Discord <-> Revolt bridged server | Talk about development, osu!, other games, and more!

265 members
no activity
RedGear Studio

RedGear Studio is a community of passionate developers who create open source tools and applications for the community. We are committed to creating high-quality software and sharing our knowledge with others.

32 members
no activity