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An unofficial server for all things Homestuck! The current banner is "The Furthest Ring" by Ursca on Deviantart!

90 members
medium activity

Discussion about the "Collaborative Virtual Machine" (CollabVM) project and its associated projects.

79 members
low activity
▶️ PokeTube :3

Privacy Is Your Right - Poketube is a libre front end for YouTube Thats focused on your privacy!

339 members
low activity

Revower is a work in progress bot that bridges Meower Home and Group chats to your Revolt server or group!

The code is by <@01G7ZTGV4A424MQAXC2SYMXR6B>, and can be found at

This bot is merely just hosting <@01G7ZTGV4A424MQAXC2SYMXR6B>'s amazing code, to host the bot 24/7!

If you need to contact someone about this bot, send a message to <@01G42AFYKHK5RRKTAHYDAARWR8> or @JoshAtticus on Meower (

22 members
low activity
Functious Support

Support server for the Revolt bot, Functious. If you have questions, bugs, or want to leave feedback, you can do all of that here!

Invite Functious today!

46 members
low activity
Ad Nexus

A server for all animal lovers! Share your animals, tips, and play fun games in an absolutely SFW place! Join now!

29 members
low activity
World Three (WWW)

A Revolt Version of World Three Guilded Discord

32 members
low activity
Revolt-Linux Hosting

Created by the team at, Revolt-Linux is the ultimate platform for learning Linux. With our instant container generator, you can get up and running with a full root access Linux environment in no time. Plus, you can use npm to install libraries right in chat and start coding your own revolt bots!

Website: Join URL:

499 members
low activity

Server for the python revolt api wrapper

349 members
no activity
Catto Boi

This server is dedicated to the indie horror game series "Catto Boi". Get Catto Boi here!

77 members
no activity
Mutant Remix Emoji

Official server for Revolt's default emoji pack. Looking for contributors!

98 members
no activity