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~ p l a c e h o l d e r ~

A silly gay server for silly gay goobers :3

Do not join if you are below 18 years old

858 members
low activity
Femboy Lounge

Your space for all your femboy needs! (Including emotes). Everyone else is welcome as well!

2663 members
low activity
Kokoro Revolt

Revolt Version of Guilded's Big Server, Kokoro, The Next Economy Bot for Revolt, Discord And Guilded! Not so active here, you can try to make some actvity or head over to our guilded server for more actvity!

97 members
low activity

i'm soafen, and this is my server! we discuss gaming, VR, Linux, iOS, Nintendo, Valve, things like that! i also make videos and streams with the community if you're interested! bridged to Discord and Matrix if you'd prefer. catgirls are clearly superior

216 members
low activity
Celeste Hearts

Cute Celeste-themed pride emotes for all your identity needs. Feel free to suggest additional flags!

162 members
low activity
ErrorOliver's Cool Server

This server is where you can play video games, talk about computers and more!

38 members
no activity

14+ Loosely space themed server. All are welcome, as long as you don't disrupt the peace. Still in development, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

15 members
no activity